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Semi Coke
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Semi Coke

Other Name Lam Coke / Gas Coke Packing In Bulk / Ton Bag
Origin Place China Min Order 20 Tons
Supply Abitly 500 Tons Delivery Date 20 Work Days

1.What is semi coke

Semi coke is made from high grade Jurassic coal as a new type of carbon material.Semi coke produced in China ,and main production city in Shaanxi China . Semi coke can instead of metallurgical coke   to be used in producing ferroalloys products. Semi-coke is light black, characterized by high fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low ash content, low sulfur and Low phosphorus .It is wildly applied to chemical industry, metallurgic industry, and gas- making industry to produce Ferroalloys, ferrosilicon, Ferronickel ,Ferrochrome ,FeMn & SiMn ,as well as Calcium carbide and, fertilizer, etc.



2.Semi coke production process

  • Washing the raw coal ;

  • Using the water to extinguish the fire, then using the machine to dry the semi coke.;

  • Screen the semi coke twice, deduct over size and under size;

  • The facility to transport the cargo to the storage yard.

3.Semi coke Specification


semi coke specification

Product Details

Semi coke is superior to met coke in production of ferroalloys, like ferrosilicon, ferronickel, silicomanganese,etc.

Note: We can also do customized product per customer’s requirement.
Advantage of semi coke than Met Coke in production of Ferro-alloy smelting as deoxidizer
• High fixed carbon (84% max)
• Low ash (9% max)

• Low Phosphorus (0.03% max)

• Low Sulfur (0.4%max)

• high specific resistance

• high chemical activity

• High conductivity to lower the electric power

• Reduce pollution

– Advantage of semi coke than Met Coke in production of Ferro-alloy smelting as deoxidizer

(1),Semi Coke could improve the quality of the ferroalloy significantly (especially low aluminum alloy Al2O3≤0.1%).

(2),Semi Coke could reduce unit electricity consumption significantly (nearly save more than 1000 KWHR, that means 8-10%)

(3), Semi coke could lower the cost of raw material. Although the price of semi coke and coke is similar, but it’s far cheaper than charcoal and pet-coke

(4),It’s very simple to replace coke, pet-coke and charcoal with semi coke. It’s no need to upgrade your equipment and the operation is easy and process is simple.

4. Semi coke price

According to different sizing of semi coke , the price will total different .

For more details please contact with us, after get customer requirements will offer best price .