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Carbon anode scrap
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Carbon anode scrap

Other Name Carbon Anode Butts or Spent Anode Packing In Bulk / Ton Bag
Origin Place China Min Order 20 Tons
Supply Abitly 500 Tons Delivery Date 20 Work Days

RELATION WITH   COKE:in the process of scrap metal smelting, metallurgical coke and foundry coke andhas low sulfur content, high ash content and low fixed carbon content, carbon anode scrap(other name:carbon anode butts)   show opposite characteristics as fixed carbon content is more than 97%.But the sulfur content of the carbon anode scrap is usually about 2%.So it is used together with foundry coke for smelting production as fuel.Thereby reduce smelting cost of waste metal because the calorific of carbon anode scrap is usually   1.5 times that of   coke.

Many electrolytic aluminum plants in the world import carbon anodes from China, which enables us to better establish close cooperation with these aluminum plants on the anode scrap & carbon block (other name: Anode Butts   and instead of foundry coke). Of course the price offered to you has a competitive advantage, and win-win cooperation will be our consistent philosophy.

At present, There is a lot of carbon anode scrap for sale in our factory. We not only export the anode scrap directly from China, but also provide you with the anode scrap from Malaysia and some countries in the Middle East. In addition, we are working with China’s carbon anode exporters to cooperate with more aluminum factories and obtain more direct supply of anode scrap.

As the sulfur content of anode scrap actually depends on the calcined petroleum coke used to produce carbon anode, the ash content usually increases slightly on the basis of calcined petroleum coke, but its ash content is much less than that of foundry coke, with its calorific value being 1.2-1.5 times of foundry coke. As a result, when the sulfur content can be controlled, anode scrap is the ideal fuel to smelt scrap metal.

In China, we usually crush anode scrap, sieve and wash it. The crushed anode scrap in small particles is more commonly used in the burdening of carbon paste. For the anode scrap particles of 1-5mm that are air-dried after washing, they contain low ash and impurity content, with up to 95% content of fixed carbon, can be directly used as the raw material for low-end carburant, or be combined with other carburant to increase carbon content.

In production of electrode carbon paste,carbon anode scrap, calcined anthracite coal, calcined petroleum coke and tar pitch are the raw materials of electrode carbon paste.